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How do you know when your tattoo is healed?

Getting a good tattoo result is a process in which you must have patience to achieve a quality tattoo. Normally, the healing period of a tattoo is two weeks, in these two weeks you have to be as careful as possible with the tattoo since it is a scar which can cause infections. During the healing process of the tattoo, this is a form of scab, so it causes an itching. But the question is, how do you know when your tattoo is healed? The tattoo will be healed when it detaches from the coast and the itching disappears.

My first tattoo

Before making the decision to getting a tattoo, you should ask yourself should I get a tattoo? If your answer is yes, I just recommended you four important things:

  • Take your time to choose the design of your tattoo. Because it will be with you for all your life, is very difficult to get tattoo off.
  • Choose a good tattoo shops.
  • Learn everything about how to care for a new tattoo.
  • Put in practice every tattoo aftercare you learn. This can dismiss the possibilities to get an infected tattoo.

One of the most common tattoos are leaf tattoos, their meaning depends on the culture and the region where the person lives, for example, in Canada it is common leaf tattoo because it is a Canadian symbol, however, for Japan represents truth and honesty. The tattoos on your fingers discolor and change constantly, so it is usually that you will get fingers tattoo fade.

Tattoo aftercare

You must ask yourself how long does it take for a tattoo to heal? There is no specific time in which the tattoo heals because each organism and skin is different, but usually the time it takes a tattoo to heal is 2 to 3 weeks. The tattoos are delicate in the process of healing since as mentioned above, tattoos are a kind of scar. Below we will give you some tips to take care of your tattoo:

Follow the  instructions

The subsequent care of a tattoo is like having a guarantee; you have to follow the guidelines on how to care a new tattoo so that the tattooist is willing to do any retouching that is needed. Each tattooist has a slightly different opinion of what is the best way to care for a tattoo.

If you wonder, can I work out after? The answer is no, especially if the tattoo is located on the ankle, knees and arms. You cannot work out because the skin stretches and contracts when exercising and this causes the tattoo to deform a bit.

Leave the bandage for 24 hours

The tattoo artist after completing his work will cover the tattoo with a bandage or dressing, this is where the tattoo aftercare really begins. Do not open the tattoo for any reason before 24 hours pass away, this is to prevent an infected tattoo. An infected tattoo is recognized if you feel pain, inflammation, oozing and odor. So if you have the infected tattoo goes immediately to a doctor.

Wash the tattoo

After spending 24 hours with the bandage you should wash the tattoo two or three times a day with antibacterial and neutral soap, and with warm water. You don’t have to scrub or use a sponge to wash it.

Apply cold cream

After having washed and dried the tattoo with a paper towel, you must apply an antibacterial ointment.

For good post-tattoo care don’t scratch the area, avoid submerging the tattoo in water, expose it to the sun, avoid tight clothing to the place where it is located and avoid swelling, if this occurs place a cold compress on the area.

What to do when Tattoo peels?

When the scab is forming you should not tear it off as it will be scarred and may become infected. If it starts an itch, wash the area so that it stops stinging, and always remember to put on cold cream and keep the tattoo clean.

If you have a tattoo peeling you don’t have to do nothing exceptional. You just continue with your tattoo aftercare because peeling tattoo aftercare are the same. Some of them are washing the tattoo with neutral soap, put lotions and cover it.


Lotus flower tattoo, It is the best choice?

tattoo aftercare

Tattoo aftercare tips

The tattoos are drawings that people make with permanent ink on the skin, either with drawings, texts, geometric figures, among others. It is commonly using needles that are injected into the skin with black ink and colors. The tattoos are incredible, but to make them look good they need some care, so today we will talk about some tattoo aftercare tips.

The origin of tattoos

Formerly the tattoos were found in Chile, in the year 2000 BC. In this place it has been found even tattoos of tattoos of more than 60,000 years, were observed in the mummies of the Chinchorro Culture.

On the American continent the tattoos had great relevance in the indigenous cultures, including them in their rituals. For example, who passed from puberty to adulthood is tattooed, meant the protection of the soul of the person. They were also used to remember those people who for certain causes had died.

Currently, tattoos are more than a rite an accessory and are millions of people who make a tattoo worldwide. There are tattoo designs for men, tattoo designs for girls and unisex designs. Some are conventional and other tattoo ideas are really fantastic, considering it an art in leather. But the most important thing is not the design, but the tattoo shops; always choose one that looks clean and meets health criteria.

Skin care after tattoo

After people get a tattoo you must comply with certain care that will allow you to maintain the tattoo in a good way, hoping to help with the correct finishing of it three days after the completion. The best way to take care of a tattoo is following these tattoo aftercare tips:

  • You must keep the tattoo covered with gauze or plastic after performing it to keep the wound away from the external agents, keep it at least two hours and for a maximum of five hours.
  • With a neutral soap and plenty of warm water wash the tattoo for two weeks three times a day.
  • After washing the tattoo, use small portions of creams that are healing with gentle massage.
  • The first three days cover the tattoos, avoid rubbing on the wounds and crusts that may come out in that area.
  • Baths are forbidden in swimming pools, rivers or beaches, it is not necessarily in the first month to wet the tattoo excessively and above all that external agents can irritate it.
  • Do not expose the first few months to the sun
  • Use moisturizers.

Some people wonder when to put lotion on tattoo? The answer is every day; the skin dries a lot with the tattoo ink so lotions should be used every day. Obviously, these lotions must be antiallergenic and without perfume. And if by bad luck you present tattoo peeling you should still use lotions.


                                                                                                    Tattoo aftercare tips

How long does it take for a tattoo to heal?

Tattoos are small wounds on the skin and as all wounds require a time to heal completely. Tattoo healing will depend on each case in particular because they influence internal factors of people’s bodies such as external.

The scabs of the tattoos usually appear in the course of the first five days, as we said earlier, this will depend on the response of each organism and each one in its healing process. The healing can take approximately two weeks in which the scabs of the tattoo disappear, the tip here is also related to the size of the tattoo. These times that have been mentioned are estimated times.
During the entire process of tattoo healing you should follow the tattoos aftercare tips to ensure a beautiful and lasting tattoo.


tattoos aftercare tips

             Tattoo removal aftercare

Tattoo healing process day by day

When the tattoo has been finished, the healing process is given to it, this will help the tattoo to heal in a better and correct way, also stay healthy and with its bright and vivid colors, with this you can have an excellent finish in the tattoo. For healing we will have several stages:

Stage of Healing

Clean the areas where you have the tattoo with abundant water and neutral soap, do not let them remain for long with water as this can damage the ink of them. Think that you have an open wound and that you should keep a good care with her in reality if it is a wound and requires the best care.

It is recommended that bandages or gauze be used to protect the wounds caused by the tattoo. All the tattoo healing time will depend on the size of the tattoo and the body of the people to obtain a result of it.

Healing Stage

This lasts approximately two weeks to heal completely, if the skin begins to itch, that´s means the tattoo is improving and its healing process is on track; however, you should avoid scratching the areas because this can damage the tattoo.

Tattoo removal aftercare

Tattoos can be with you for the rest of your life; however, people can eliminate them with medical techniques such as the use of lasers. It is thought that the epidermis renews its cells and in this way it is expelled all the ink located in the dermis.

If you have decided to opt for a tattoo removal, instead of staying with it you should know that there are also certain treatments. The laser tattoo removal aftercare is very similar to post tattoo care. The main objective is to avoid infections and scars. Tattoo removal aftercare is based on:

  • Washing the area with neutral soap.
  • Compliance with antibiotics.
  • Use lotions recommended by the doctor.