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Black tattoo ink

Studies of the Bispebjerg Hospital of Denmark have denied the hypothesis that the black tattoo ink can increase the risks of skin cancer, since the skin is subjected to UVR rays. These studies also show that people who do not have tattoos on their skin and who are exposed to UVR rays are more prone. It has been said that 90 percent of cases that have been diagnosed with skin cancer are due to ultraviolet rays.

Black tattoo ink

Tattooing over black ink

There is a large part of the population that likes tattoos made with black ink, these people go more to contemporary tattoos because they are more classic and common, in addition. Their creators have designed a myriad of attractions that captivate all those who love them. Tattoos, gives a unique finish to each design, thus providing a seriousness and elegance to those who have decided to make them.

However, black tattoo ink has a disadvantage, because these can turn a green color, this is because the techniques and inks used in the past did not meet the same parameters of today; Inks that deteriorated over time.

Tattooing over black ink

In principle following the previous idea, part of the deterioration suffered by the tattoos over the years is due to the fact that before there was not enough information on tattoos. Therefore, they did not have the correct care or the healing processes essential for Lengthen life and keep the tattoo in optimal condition. At present these cases are no longer very common, the techniques, instruments and pigments used are of high quality.

High quality black tattoo ink

When it comes to making a tattoo, be aware that the ink that is used is the best, a high quality ink that does not affect the skin or have side effects on the skin. Even if an ink is not of good quality affect the tonality of the tattoo being in this way clearer, very dark or become of another color. A high quality black tattoo ink is usual name eternal ink because it is used to make permanent tattoos no temporary tattoos.

Black tattoo ideas

Currently there are numerous ideas and designs of tattoos that many people want to make, it is often said that tattoos represent for the people a meaning that is intimate that has led to that tattoo.

Among the ideas that have been most developed and disseminated in recent times are the following: tattoos that represent the sea, air, nature, love, family, children, parents, images of childhood, roses, hearts, among others. They are the tattoos that have had a great boom and have marked more sentimentally the people who come to perform any.

Most people tend to use black tattoo ink in all their designs, but there are some more daring who dare to use colors. Black and red tattoos are the colors that mostly combine but the red color is the most dangerous. One of the red ink tattoo problems is hypersensitivity, it usually causes a lot of inflammation and could even cause anaphylaxis.

Black tattoo ideas

Tribal tattoo

They are very popular black tattoos, because in this type of tattoos can be made infinite designs ranging from traditional and typical tattoos with traditional designs that do not start from any indigenous ritual and therefore have no meaning. Others popular designs are tattoo fonts, flower tattoos and sleeve tattoos.

Perhaps the first tribal tattoo arises from an accident, whether it burned with something that left forever an irregular shape turned a very dark color; or even these tribal tattoos were made in the representation of the gods through the sun and fire or flames.

Black tattoo ink allergy

Remember that the inks of tattoos adhere to the dermis of people’s skin, so it is recommended that the types used to be really high quality, and could cause infections or allergies on the skin.

People who at some point have come to suffer tattoo ink allergy have discovered that they are homemade inks made with dirt, pen ink or pen and even some have traces of blood, which is notoriously harmful to the skin.