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Peeling tattoo care

When you decide to tattoo your skin, keep in mind that you cannot do it with anyone. Analyze who is going to get tattooed, look for recommendations, see their work, their designs, and ask about the instruments and techniques they will apply on your skin. Because not everyone is prepared to make a tattoo and may be able to damage your skin or even cause it to become infected, so it is recommended to be very attentive in the care of your skin and peeling tattoo care.

However, after you have performed the tattoo, it is likely that the area of ​​the skin where you have made it look a bit affected, in which we can find dead skin cells and through cosmetic techniques can regenerate this tissue through exfoliation in order to obtain a hydrated, healthy and shiny skin.

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Tattoo care peeling instructions

The peeling is a method that helps to regenerate the skin of dead cells, especially in those areas of your skin that have been battered by tattoos. There are currently methods that help this process to be given so that the people have smoother, stronger and healthier skin. Here are some instructions you should follow to achieve this goal:

  • For those who want to make it at home, you can use sugar with yogurt and rub it on the skin in the tattoo area to remove dead cells naturally.
  • You can also go for a superficial peel in which it helps to fight wrinkles or lines of expression in the tattoo that make it look in a deteriorated way.
  • There is another moment of the peel that can help to eliminate in a deeper way the wrinkles in the different areas of the skin can produce redness and peeling.

Dry healing tattoo vs moist healing tattoo

Firstly, it must be taken into account that the healing processes of the tattoo, whether dry or wet, last around 30 days. The healing stage of the wet tattoo begins from the moment in which the tattoo is finished, in this phase the tattoo is covered with a bandage to prevent the wound from becoming infected and excess ink to be eliminated; keeping the area moist and moisturizing it constantly is the best.

After wet healing stage comes the dry healing stage in which the tattoo is already scarred and should not be covered with gauze or anything else that does not allow the crusts to fall, it is recommended to perform exfoliators or some peeling techniques to that the skin of the tattoo is healthy and strong, when the skin of the tattoo begins to itch, the tattoo will be completely healed.

Are tattoos supposed to peel?

It is not obligatory that tattoo peels but it is normal for a tattoo to peels. That the tattoos are decayed and they fight is normal of the process of healing of them. However, this is an indication that the tattoo is in good condition and is healing as it should be, it can happen more or less for the week that the person performs the tattoo. Peeling happens because of the need of the foot to get rid of the dead cells caused by the damage caused by the ink.

What to do when tattoo is peeling?

At this time you must take full care as the tattoo and your skin in this phase in which you are fighting are very exposed, if you do not have proper care can become infected or the design is damaged. Try to wash the tattoo area well with a neutral soap, do not remove the scabs or scratch, use soft clothes that are not too close to the body and above all use moisturizers.

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Taking care of a new tattoo

Remember that it is totally normal that tattoo peeling off, it is part of the healing process. But that’s not means you don’t care of it, in contrary you have to press more attention to it. If you want to know how to take care of a tattoo keep reading the next tips:

•        Thoroughly clean the tattoo surface with plenty of warm water.

•        Wash with neutral soap to avoid irritating the tattoo area.

•        Use moisturizers.

•        Use healing cream.

•        Do not remove the scabs or scratch the tattoo area.

Tattoo healing tips

After performing a tattoo, keep in mind that you must take care of it very well in the first 30 days. This tattoo aftercare must be taken to avoid infections in the skin or even that the tattoo is damaged or deformed. Here are some tattoo aftercare tips while tattoo healing:

  • Cover the tattoo for at least 5 hours after it has been made so as not to expose the wound to external contact and to absorb the extra ink.
  • Wash several times a day and cover the area with a gauze for at least a week.
  • Apply healing creams.
  • Apply moisturizer.
  • After the week leaves the tattoo outdoors.


Tattoo peeling off

tattoo peeling

Lotus flower tattoo, It is the best choice?

When you want a tattoo there are two important things, one is the person who is going to make it and the other is the tattoo ideas. In recent years, tribal tattoo and oriental culture tattoos have become very popular. Examples of these are the Japanese flower tattoo, Buddhist symbols, tribal Eagle tattoo, and the most requested of all, the lotus flower tattoo. In this article we will talk about the famous lotus flower tattoo so you can determine if it is the best for you.

Lotus flower tattoo meaning

First of all, it is important to know the lotus flower tattoo meaning. The Lotus flower is a flower associated in many cultures as a symbol of spiritual purity or soul, but the lotus flower meaning buddhism is much broader. For this culture the flower is sacred, since it is linked with Buddha.

When Buddha was a child, Lotus flowers opened because of their purity. For most of the divinities of oriental culture, figures are presented in meditation and around them are Lotus flowers, this is because the flower symbolizes mental tranquility and purity of soul and body.

But the meaning does not end here, for the literary culture this flower means elegance, beauty and perfection. This is why in many literary works the woman is compared to this flower. And for science it has a meaning of mystery. It is because of all these meanings that the lotus symbol tattoo has become so popular.

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Tattoo designs

When making a Lotus flower tattoo we must take into account many aspects. One of them is color, since the lotus flower has different meanings depending on the color. And it is also important to define the tattoo desings, since we can make ourselves a caricature type, a simple flower tattoos, or a realistic lotus flower tattoo.

If we choose the red flower tattoo we would be choosing the well-known Buddha Lotus flower, the flower of compassion. This means that we have great qualities in our hearts like love. And it is for this reason that this type of tattoo is usually worn on the chest on the left side.

The white lotus tattoo is related to a spiritual purity and clean thoughts. Usually they put this tattoo on women and wear it on the back, specifically at the base of the neck. The white lotus tattoo must have 8 petals so that it means perfect purity.

If you want a black lotus flower tattoo you would be expressing that you have great knowledge and wisdom. It is traditional that this flower is closed and placed on the right side of the chest. It is a tattoo used by men or by women who love rock.

Flower tattoo ideas

Although the Lotus flower tattoo is the most sought after, there are also many other very beautiful flowers to tattoo on the skin. Another idea very used by both men and women of any age are the rose tattoo. The rose tattoo can be alone or combined with an infinity of figures. The most romantic combine roses with dove tattoos, and the most risky combine them with skulls. Lotus flower tattoo is also often found in combination with Koi fish. And the people who wear it say that it is a symbol of good luck. Another style also very common in men and women are the flower tattoos whit names. Generally the name is of some special person alive or dead and is adorned with any type of flower. These tattoos are often minimalist and are located on fingers or dolls looking very cute. We invite you to find a professional for your Lotus flower tattoo or any other flower and enjoy it.

flower tattoo ideas

tattoo peeling

Tattoo peeling off

When we think about getting a tattoo, most do not say that we all want it to be for life and that it is perfect. For this to happen, the key lies in taking good care of it during the first days. The first few days the skin is assimilating the pigmentation of the ink so it becomes sensitive and irritated and even tattoo pelling off can occur. But do not worry that in this article we will guide you how to take care of a new tattoo and a peeling tattoo care.

Tattoo healing

Next we will try to solve the frequently asked questions about the care of tattoos, so that you leave without worries.

How long does it take for a tattoo to heal?

The tattoo healing time depends on the tattoo and the place of the tattoo, since there are areas of the skin more delicate than others. It will also influence the extension of the tattoo, the density of the pigmentation and its depth. That is why is advisable to listen to our professional tattoo artist when he explains how long we should take care of the tattoo. But an estimate of the tattoo healing time is between 12 to 28 days, that is, 2 and 4 weeks.

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 Consequence of not caring for the tattoo

The care after a tattoo is very important, because a badly tattoo care can have serious health and aesthetic consequences:

  • The tattoo causes multiple lacerations to the skin which becomes susceptible to infections that are severe. You should suspect infection when you notice red, swollen skin, some purulent or foul-smelling discharge or if you have a fever.
  • The other consequence of poor care is the faded tattoo. If you do not take proper care of the tattooed skin you can crust the skin and these scabs when you get up would take fragments of ink causing your tattoo get pretty ugly.

Tattoo aftercare

The care we have to take into account after getting a tattoo are the following:

  • Do not remove the bandage that your tattoo artist places on you until at least 12 hours have passed. The ideal is to change them to 24 hours.
  • After you remove the bandages you will proceed to wash your tattoo at least every 6 hours. The washing is done with neutral soap. You should not place the tattoo under the water jet; moisten your hands and then the tattooed skin. Neither should you rub with soap, just gently glide the tips of your fingers with soap and give small touches.
  • Dry the tattoo well after each wash with a soft cloth. Avoid rubbing the tattooed skin to avoid damage to the pigmentation.
  • Apply a special tattoo care cream, otherwise a hypo allergenic hand cream without perfumes.·
  • Should I remove the scabs or pellets that come out around the tattoo? The answer is no, they will fall on their own.·
  • Perform these steps from 1 month.
  • Do not expose the tattoo to the sun because the skin is delicate.·
  • If you have itching in the area of ​​the tattoo avoid scratching to avoid causing infection.·
  • If you have a tattoo on your leg and hairs come out, do not worry, it will not hurt your tattoo, but you cannot shave because of the risks of infection until the tattoo heals.

tattoo aftercare


Tattoo peeling

Is it normal for a tattoo to peel? It does not always happen, but it’s perfectly normal. The skin is irritated by the ink of the tattoo and therefore it is remodeled and desquamated as it happens with sunburn. This is perfectly normal, and there is nothing to worry about, but special care must be taken. In a next article we will explain more about tattoo peeling.