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Tattoo Removal Process | Effectiveness, myths and tattoo removal aftercares

At the time of getting a tattoo they always mention to us that we should be sure to make it, since this will be for a lifetime. However, at present this is not true, since there is a laser tattoo removal method that is really effective. If you are one of those people who got a tattoo and you are sorry and you want to know to remove a tattoo keep reading, because in this article we are going to talk about everything of tattoo removal process.

Laser tattoo removal

This method gives you the opportunity to remove the tattoo of which you are sorry, the usual questions related to this subject are the following: What is the cost of tattoo removal? Does laser tattoo removal hurt? How long does the tattoo removal process take? What are the laser tattoo removal aftercare? We try to explain them all.

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How long does the tattoo removal process take?

The duration of the process of removing the laser tattoo depends on certain aspects:

·         The color of the tattoo: blue and black tattoo removal is more easy and quick to eliminate than other colors. This is because the laser recognizes the cells painted with these colors faster. Mixed colors due to their high zinc content are more difficult to remove.

·         Place of the tattoo: on the head, hands, neck or breasts the density of the skin is lower and that is why it is easier to remove the tattoo. Tattoos on the back, legs or arms are more difficult to remove.

·         Skin color: A person with white skin requires fewer laser sessions to remove the tattoo.

·         Professional Tattoos: Professional tattoos have higher pigment, density and depth and are more difficult to remove. But tattoos made by an amateur are usually superficial and have less pigmentation.

Laser tattoo removal pain

Getting a tattoo involves a little pain because it is a skin pigmentation process and removing this pigment also leads to pain. However, the pain of removing the tattoo is much less than the pain of making a tattoo, since the laser for each shot covers more skin.  Also, as the laser sessions go by, the pain will be less and less. Because by decreasing the pigmentation of the skin, the effect of the laser and therefore the pain also decreases.

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What is the cost of laser tattoo removal process?

The laser tattoo removal process is a professional dermatological treatment therefore it has a high cost. The treatment is not a fortune, but it is certainly a lot costly to get a new tattoo. However, the costs vary depending on the clinic where the treatment is performed. The cost of this treatment because it is a dermatological medical treatment can be expensive because it is aesthetic but it is also not a fortune, but this will depend on the clinic you choose to perform this treatment.

What is the laser tattoo removal aftercare?

When laser tatto removal process is end you have to:

·         Do not touch the tattoo area, and protect it with sterile gauze

·         Apply tatto removal cream every 6 hours for a week

·         Use neutral soap

·         Do not undergo extreme heat such as spa or saunas

·         Apply ice in the area to reduce swelling


Laser tattoo removal Houston

If you are in Houston these is the more recognized place to tattoo removal near me:

·         Eraser Clinic Laser Tattoo Removal

·         Invisible Ink Tattoo Removers

  • Clean Canvas Laser
  • LaserAway
  • New Look Laser Tattoo Removal
  • Inkfree, MD
  • Houston Tattoo Removal Clinic
  • Paul M. Friedman, MD
  • Clearstone Laser Hair Removal & Medical Spa
  • Bellisima Skin Center

laser tattoo removal Houston


Others tattoo removal process

I am sure that you already heard someone talking about faded a tattoo in home. Instead is possible, that is not an amazing tattoo removal, it is just some methods to faded tattoo, and then maybe you can replace it with new art. So, how to fade a tattoo?

  • Exfoliation: Consists of sweeping with the most superficial cells of the skin with stone pomes. This helps to sweep the most superficial cells that this dyes but does not penetrate deep into the skin and therefore does not eliminate the tattoo.
  • Hydrogen peroxide or lemon juice: Both are bleached substances, but like exfoliation they only eliminate the color of the superficial layers of the skin.

Medical tattoo removal options | Less effectives

If the laser does not get your attention because of the cost, the pain and the chances of you getting a scar you could also resort to other medical tattoo removal methods. But I tell you since they are much less effective.

Medical tattoo removal

  • Dermoabrasion: This literal is paying someone to do an exfoliation that you could do at home. Zero cash.
  • Surgical removal: if the scar fear is what makes you look for another option to the laser, forget about the surgical removal. This consists of removing the skin of the tattoo and re-cooking the remaining one, that is, a horrible scar.
  • Laser hair removal tattoo: Instead of using conventional laser, IPL (laser to remove hair) is used. This is less painful, but it is also less effective and therefore the tattoo removal cost is higher.
  • Tattoo removal cream: there is a lot of talk about the tattoo removal cream, but the truth is that it is still in evidence. You can use it but do not expect more than just faded tattoo.

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