Lotus flower tattoo, It is the best choice?

When you want a tattoo there are two important things, one is the person who is going to make it and the other is the tattoo ideas. In recent years, tribal tattoo and oriental culture tattoos have become very popular. Examples of these are the Japanese flower tattoo, Buddhist symbols, tribal Eagle tattoo, and the most requested of all, the lotus flower tattoo. In this article we will talk about the famous lotus flower tattoo so you can determine if it is the best for you.

Lotus flower tattoo meaning

First of all, it is important to know the lotus flower tattoo meaning. The Lotus flower is a flower associated in many cultures as a symbol of spiritual purity or soul, but the lotus flower meaning buddhism is much broader. For this culture the flower is sacred, since it is linked with Buddha.

When Buddha was a child, Lotus flowers opened because of their purity. For most of the divinities of oriental culture, figures are presented in meditation and around them are Lotus flowers, this is because the flower symbolizes mental tranquility and purity of soul and body.

But the meaning does not end here, for the literary culture this flower means elegance, beauty and perfection. This is why in many literary works the woman is compared to this flower. And for science it has a meaning of mystery. It is because of all these meanings that the lotus symbol tattoo has become so popular.

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Tattoo designs

When making a Lotus flower tattoo we must take into account many aspects. One of them is color, since the lotus flower has different meanings depending on the color. And it is also important to define the tattoo desings, since we can make ourselves a caricature type, a simple flower tattoos, or a realistic lotus flower tattoo.

If we choose the red flower tattoo we would be choosing the well-known Buddha Lotus flower, the flower of compassion. This means that we have great qualities in our hearts like love. And it is for this reason that this type of tattoo is usually worn on the chest on the left side.

The white lotus tattoo is related to a spiritual purity and clean thoughts. Usually they put this tattoo on women and wear it on the back, specifically at the base of the neck. The white lotus tattoo must have 8 petals so that it means perfect purity.

If you want a black lotus flower tattoo you would be expressing that you have great knowledge and wisdom. It is traditional that this flower is closed and placed on the right side of the chest. It is a tattoo used by men or by women who love rock.

Flower tattoo ideas

Although the Lotus flower tattoo is the most sought after, there are also many other very beautiful flowers to tattoo on the skin. Another idea very used by both men and women of any age are the rose tattoo. The rose tattoo can be alone or combined with an infinity of figures. The most romantic combine roses with dove tattoos, and the most risky combine them with skulls. Lotus flower tattoo is also often found in combination with Koi fish. And the people who wear it say that it is a symbol of good luck. Another style also very common in men and women are the flower tattoos whit names. Generally the name is of some special person alive or dead and is adorned with any type of flower. These tattoos are often minimalist and are located on fingers or dolls looking very cute. We invite you to find a professional for your Lotus flower tattoo or any other flower and enjoy it.

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